Office Spaces

If you’re looking for a functioning, yet elegant, office design, Eddie Flanigen of Flanigen Builders has the experience and knowledge to meet your needs. Keep your build costs and your future operating costs at a minimum by hiring an experienced commercial contractor.

Functioning Designs

What good is a commercial space if there isn’t function in the design? Design flaws can cost a business thousands when the office space is put in service. Get your space built right the first time with Eddie Flanigen. His years of expertise as a general contractor ensures you will receive quality construction with excellent service.

Medical Spaces

Are you looking to remodel a current medical office space or build a new one? Between permitting, building codes, fire codes, and medical equipment (among other things) your project can become very expensive and extensive without a qualified general contractor. From planning to building, Eddie Flanigen will oversee all aspects of your project to create the professional office you desire.