Design Challenge

Whether you already have the perfect house plan or are in need of finding the design that’s right for you, Eddie Flanigen can assist with all of your needs. From start to finish, you can rest assured your home will be a unique reflection of your personality.

Custom Builds

As an experienced builder, Eddie Flanigen can help turn your ideas into a reality. He has built hundreds of custom homes throughout Northeast Louisiana. With great attention to detail and high regard for customer service, Eddie ensures each home is a direct reflection of Flanigen Builders’ excellent reputation.

Modern Features and Amenities

We believe that homes should be designed to create environments with amenities to help make life easier. A new home should be filled with modern features and amenities to suit your lifestyle.

Organized and Effective

If your build is not kept organized, unnecessary costs can start piling up. In order to maintain an effective plan and keep your project organized, you need the experience and expertise of a professional builder like Eddie Flanigen with Flanigen Builders. Eddie has the experience and knowledge to ensure your project stays on budget and is completed on time.